What is Genesis Mining?

Genesis Mining is one of the few legitimate companies you’ll find when it comes to cloud mining. They have been in this space since the very beginning. They provide users with hashpower for a fee and then they send you the coins you would have otherwise mined if you just set up your own rig. I like Genesis because for me if I were to just go out and purchase even the most efficient mining rigs available from Bitmain, I would still be paying more for my hashpower because of the Entergy cost than if I just outsourced the process. Naturally me liking to maximize my dollars, it just made sense for me to utilize their cloud mining services.

Mining Farms At Genesis


  • Completely Outsourced

    • There is no setup required. You just select the coin you want to mine pay and profit. Simple.
  • No Maintenance

    • With traditional mining rigs, you’re almost guaranteed to have downtime due to a hardware malfunction at some point. However, at Genesis, they guarantee your hashpower for the duration of your contract. So there will be no downtime.
  • Daily Payouts

    • Most pools have high payout limits but with Genesis, you get paid out daily. No having to withdraw or check on your progress. What you mine is what you get.
  • Scalablegenesis-mining-ad

    • You can almost go infinite with Genesis. Their facilities are truly massive, so if you want more hashpower it’s not an issue. Buy more hashpower get paid more crypto, that simple.
  • AutoTrader (The Difference)

    • Genesis offers the ability to exchange your crypto automatically for other currencies. This allows you to hedge in other coins. For example, my BTC contract is paying out LTC as well as BTC.


  • You Don’t Own Your Mining Rigs

    • Since you’re renting hashpower you don’t decide what happens with your machines. So understandably that might make you uneasy about it. However, Genesis Mining has been around for many years and has thousands of happy customers worldwide.


Ever since I got over the need to control everything about my rig and just outsource the whole mining process, life has been pretty good.  I hope you decide to do the same and start enjoying the benefits of cloud mining sooner, rather than later. Also, I have a Promo Code for 3% off, if you decide to use them.

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Interested in mining crypto? Consider Genesis Mining they are my preferred mining company.
Claim 3% Off Your Genesis Mining Contract
Use Promo Code: vBPVar