Who Is Matti Owens?

Matti Owens got his start a few years ago originally at profit.ly trading stocks, however, after some early adversity he refocused his attention to trading futures. By using the Ichmuchi Kinko Hyo, with a twist, he finally became profitable! As he established himself as a systems trader, he no longer looked strictly at the market for the “best setups” as Timothy Sykes would say. Rather he complimented his technical analysis with fundamental analysis on both the macro and micro level.

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Matti has never been average in his real life or professionally. He decided that if he was going to truly embrace the whole trading lifestyle, he wanted to live in the realm of odds and probability. No longer was he merely a causality trader. No, Matti something more he became the maths and discarded all instinct. After painstakingly documenting and backtesting various strategies over the years, he seems to just know what the market is doing to do, sometimes even months ahead of time! Though Matti Owens isn’t afraid to go long he is predominately a short-biased Algo trader which kind of makes him a minority of one in the markets.

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  • Structure

    • Matti is never reckless when trading, he always has a clear plan for A, B, & C outcomes. He implements and teaches this idea of consistency to avoid data corruption.
  • Technical

    • He utilized technical analysis in his trading style but he will tell you it’s not a primary factor. With Matti, you are shown several textbook methods to define and decipher charts. I prefer to use Tradingview for my charting check them out!
  • Fundamental

    • Fundamentals are how he obtains a bias for the technical parameters he gathered earlier. Fundamentals are constantly overlooked by many traders, but he believes they are what allow the trader to hold through the ups as well as the downs in the markets.
  • Maths

    • In addition to rigorous backtesting, he also developed a propriety indicator he calls an “Edge Indicator” which is incredibly valuable when it comes to determining if your strategy has an edge or no better than random.


  • Swing Trading

    • Matti is almost strictly a swing trader by nature, although, he does day trade on occasion it certainly isn’t something he makes a practice of often. Some people have problems holding overnight, nevermind a few weeks! It’s worked for Matti so far, but trading is really more about comfort and there is no one way to trade after all.

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